Tougher Minds

Tougher Minds "provides award-winning, practical, effective and highly engaging training to help everybody improve resilience, well-being and personal performance. For all aspects of work, education and life".

It is these values which we believe make Tougher Minds and Everyday Something such a great fit – like the brand, we aim to be effective and highly engaging with our graphic concepts and seek to improve the performance of our clients!


We have worked with Tougher Minds for a number of years helping them develop their brand identity - through printed material for products they've developed, graphics and illustration to explain and enhance their programmes, to motion graphics, apps and their website. 

In developing each of the visual aspects of Tougher Mind’s brand, we aim to have reflected the core identity of their business; the clear and concise imagery we have created mirrors Tougher Mind’s goals of engaging participants in their programme and to, ultimately, boost learning. 


We're extremely proud to work with Jon and his team as they continue to develop and grow as a business, playing a small part in helping something positive blossom means a lot to us!

The consultancy has, over ten years, helped more people to become healthier, happier and at their best more often as well as advising the Department of Education and the think-tankk DEMOS. Their innovative work has been featured in national newspapers including The Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph. 


"Our award-winning well-being and leadership programmes use many visual elements to engage participants and boost learning.  Everyday Something have the expertise and experience to understand these details in our briefing and consistently deliver the highest quality visuals. 

Their work to support our marketing and communications activity has also helped to win business from a range of global clients." 

Dr. Jon Finn PhD, MSc, BA (Hons) - Tougher Minds Founder and MD