One of our most famous long-term clients is the elite sports performance equipment and lifestyle giants Oakley. Through the years we’ve sought to bring the brand’s veracious energy to life with our designs and visuals; we are constantly thrilled by the innovative products Oakley release and the vivid tone we are tasked with communicating to match these.

Perhaps most well-known for their sunglasses, sports visors and snowboard goggles, Oakley also sell other cutting-edge apparel including shoes, backpacks and accessories. With over 600 patents, Oakley are one of the world’s leading eyewear brands and have been one of the dominating forces in their field since being founded in 1975.

Everyday Something’s collaborations with Oakley began with a digital campaign to promote a trip of a lifetime competition for the brand. Since then, Oakley has become an ongoing client and a favourite of ours.

We provide daily services for the lifestyle company across a number of platforms, developing visuals for their international campaigns spanning multiple countries and regions. It’s a pleasure to see our designs featured across the globe as we play our small part in helping Oakley communicate to their world-wide audiences.

We believe our work with Oakley demonstrates our eclectic skill-set – from digital apps for exhibitions, retail store exhibitions and graphics, digital retouching, identity design and roll out, through to brochure work, digital design for newsletters, social media and motion graphics, the list goes on. The array of projects we’ve worked on for Oakley is almost as exciting as the brand itself!


Prizm Lens Technology App


Oakley Glorifier design

Brochure spreads


Oakley Dosnoventa Master files + retouching


Oakley Bubba's Gift Guide - identity and roll out