KERB Counter

Everyday Something are never more excited than when we’re tasked with working on the visuals for on-trend and cutting edge products or venues – KERB Counter, “a secret bolt hole in the heart of Camden Market” by street food trailblazers KERB, certainly fits this bill!

The location, filled with coffee, beers, wine and cocktails alongside KERB’s trademark and acclaimed culinary options, offers individuals familiar with the brand a bricks and mortar eatery to visit on a regular basis.

Much like KERB Counter itself had to sit comfortably within the KERB brand but also maintain its own unique appeal, we were briefed with creating eye-catching visuals for the counter which would both tie in with the parent brand but also act as a standalone attraction.

To do this, we developed a brand identity which built on Kerb’s existing material and visuals. The recognisable and well-known ’KERB’ logotype formed the basis of our new graphic identity and was supplemented with a simple ‘counter’ underneath. To further establish the tone, we coupled this with a Neon inspired typeface for the word “Counter” too.

As well as the initial graphic design, we developed a simple set of brand guidelines for KERB – we provided specific suggestions for how assets should be treated in future communications to build upon the success of the brand launch.

Our literature aims to solidify the separation between the KERB and KERB Counter brands, and provide foundations for the venue to build upon in the future wherever our branding is applied – regardless of whether this is for social media, print advertising or elsewhere, we’ve provided the tools and framework for a long-term strategy.