Westfield, EV Parking Bay, Santa Monica

Here at Everyday Something, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver outstanding results no matter how left-field, eclectic, unexpected or unusual the briefs we receive are. Indeed, it’s often the case we deliver our favourite work when we’re asked to think outside of the box.

This was the case when we were commissioned by DENT Agency in San Francisco to design graphics for the Electric Vehicle Parking Bays at Westfield in Santa Monica. The bays were in need of an update - they were dirty, grey and lacked any visual.

The opportunity to bring life to this space was too good for us to pass up; we set about the challenge of creating dynamic visuals for the space with relish.

Our design for the Electric Vehicle Parking Bays kept the visual very simple using a green colour scheme, a graphic illustration to depict an urban/city scape, along with various relevant icons. Trees were used to tie in the 'green' nature of EV, bringing visual coherence and an underlying theme to the designs we developed.  Alongside the graphics, messaging was added to compliment the overall effect for the bays.

Upon viewing the final results, we were highly pleased to see how our designs were able to make a once dirty and grey location much more visually appealing and pleasant.